Integrating with Apple Identity

Pathfix allows you to easily add Apple identity (Login with Apple) for your end-user, handling authorization and enable communication between your app and Apple in just a few minutes.

Before proceeding, you must have enrolled in the Apple developer program. To enroll in the Apple developer program, go to developer.apple.com/programs/enroll

Setup in Apple Developer Portal

Create Application

  • On the Apple Developer portal, go to Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles.
  • On the Identifiers tab, select the (+) button.
  • On the Register a New Identifier page, choose App IDs and select Continue. (App IDs include one or more Service IDs.)
  • On the Register an App ID page, add a description you want under Description and add the Bundle ID as per your domain (e.g. com.acmesaas.auth)
  • Select Sign in with Apple from the capabilities list. Then select Continue

IMPORTANT: Make a note of your App ID Prefix (Team ID) from this step, you'll need to enter this in Pathfix under Team ID.

Image: Register App ID
Image: Register App ID

  • Review the app registration information and select Register.
  • Again, on the Identifiers tab, select the (+) button.
  • On the Register a New Identifier page, choose Services IDs and select Continue
  • On the Register a Services ID page, provide a description and an identifier. The description is what will be shown to the user on the consent screen. The identifier will be your domain e.g. com.acmesaas.auth
  • Select Configure.
  • On the pop-up window, set the Primary App Id to the App Id you created earlier. Specify your application's domain in the domain section. For the Return URL, use the URL https://labs.pathfix.com/integrate/command
  • Review the service registration information and select Save.

Generate Apple Keys

  1. On the Keys tab in the Apple Developer portal, choose Create a key or select the (+) button.
  2. On the Register a New Key page give the key a name, check the box next to Sign in with Apple and select Configure.
  3. On the Configure Key page, link the key to the primary app ID you created previously and select Save.
  4. Finish creating the key by confirming the information and selecting Continue and then reviewing the information and selecting Register.
  5. On the Download Your Key page, download the key. It will download as a .p8 (PKCS#8) file - you'll use this Key in Pathfix

Image: Key ID and p8 Key
Image: Key ID and p8 Key

Setup in Pathfix

Keys required

There are 4 keys that are required in Pathfix for Apple Identity. Here's where you get each of the keys:

  1. Team ID: App ID Prefix
  2. Service Identifier: com.acmesaas.auth
  3. p8 Key: Key downloaded
  4. Key ID: Key ID (from the Download Your Key page)

Configure Apple in Pathfix

  • Login to your Pathfix account and click on Add Application
  • Add the name of your SaaS and hit Save
  • Select Apple Identity from the list of providers to integrate with. You can change the Display Name and Description.
  • Enter the Team ID, Service Identifier, p8 Key and Key ID generated from Apple

Image: Configure Apple Identity in Pathfix
Image: Configure Apple Identity in Pathfix

Adding Integration To Your SaaS

Adding the SSO/Login functionality to the app is done based on your SaaS stack:

  1. Code based platform using an extension: Single Sign on (SSO) / Social login
  2. No-code (Bubble) platform using our plugin: Single Sign-on (SSO) Login

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to assist!