API Connector

With Pathfix, you can establish a connection with any OAuth service provider AND send API requests (payload) between these apps for your users.

Pathfix works as a pass-through API that stamps all your requests with the required tokens and sends your requests to the provider, allowing you to consume ANY API endpoint offered by the provider.

Please note, this is Step 2 of the setup and you need to have completed Step 1 (User Authorization) first before calling any API.

Need documentation for Bubble User Authorization setup?  Check it here Bubble User Authorization

Bubble API Connector

All your API calls will have to go through Pathfix so that we can stamp the call with the relevant tokens for the user and then send to the provider. This API call structure is found in Pathfix under API Call

  • Select the app you would like to call the API for, click on Setup and choose API Call

Image: Get API code
Image: Get API code

  • This will be the structure of the API call that you need to use to make the call in Bubble (this will be used in the 'body' section of the API Connector)

Image: Code for API
Image: Code for API

To make the API call to pull data from the provider, you will need to use the Bubble API Connector Plugin.

  • In Bubble, click on Plugins from the left nav bar
  • Click on Add Plugins and search for API Connector
  • Install the Bubble API Connector plugin

Image: Bubble API Connector
Image: Bubble API Connector

  • Change the API Name for ease of reference and choose Authentication type as Private key in URL
  • Enter your Pathfix Private Key from your Pathfix application (see how you can find your keys here Pathfix keys) add a call, give it a name for internal reference
  • Add POST call to the Pathfix endpoint (the method used will always be POST)
  • In the JSON body, enter the endpoint URL, the method for the call and the payload
  • Enter the public_key and user_id under parameters and add the JSON Body
  • Click on Initialize Call
  • Upon successful configuration and data mapping, you will be able to use this API call with your Bubble user data.

Sample Setup

Here is a sample setup using the Bubble API Connector with further detailed instructions:

Image: API Connector Setup
Image: API Connector Setup

  1. Key Value and Development Key Value is the Pathfix private_key
  2. Add the POST URL as https://labs.pathfix.com/oauth/method/{providername}/call
  3. Key name should be public_key the value of key can be found at
    1. Check Private
    2. Check Queryst.
  4. Key name should be user_id. Enter your Pathfix login email ID over here. (Note: Ensure that you have tested the connection after configuring your integration in Pathfix)
    1. Uncheck Private
    2. Check Queryst.
  5. (below) While configuring to use the API in a datasource element or a workflow action, ensure that the user_id points to the Current User's unique id

Image: Update user_id
Image: Update user_id

This will enable the functionality that will allow the message/payload sending between your app and the service provider.

Having trouble? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to help you.