Custom Redirect Domain

Pathfix offers you the ability to use a custom redirect domain that will replace the Pathfix domain (https://labs.pathfix.com/integrate/command) to your own domain (https://auth.acmesaas.com/integrate/command).

This is especially useful when going through the domain verification process required by some providers. (note: the Pathfix redirect domain is approved by most providers, however, this can go into a bit of a loop with some providers. Use a Custom Domain for such scenarios).

Note: You will need to be on a paid subscription plan to use a custom redirect domain.

Pathfix Setup

The setting for Custom Redirect Domain is available at Application level in your Pathfix account.

  • Click on Add Application or Edit an existing Application in Pathfix and select the tab Custom Domain Redirect

Image: Custom Redirect Domain
Image: Custom Redirect Domain

  • Add the domain you would like to use (e.g. https://auth.acmesaas.com where acmesaas.com is your domain and the subdomain auth is used for the auth redirection)

Image: Custom Domain setup
Image: Custom Domain setup

DNS Setup

Go to your DNS provider or registrar and make the following additions:

  • Add CNAME to pathfix-labs.azurewebsites.net to your desired subdomain (e.g auth.yourcompany.com)

Image: CNAME setup
Image: CNAME setup

  • Add TXT record with Host as asuid.auth with the Value as FE0912A3DCB70FB88D69E4722339AE0FD99E41E26CD3AABEC03C8234A7B7ADB2

Image: TXT Setup
Image: TXT Setup

Save both the settings and send an email to support@pathfix.com to verify the domain. We will verify the domain at our end, add the SSL and enable the custom domain functionality to your configurations.

Once your custom domain is activated, all your redirection will happen through the new URL and would need to be updated for each provider developer application.

IMPORTANT: Remember to change the redirect URL in your registered app with the provider (eg. Google, FB) to the new custom redirect domain https://auth.acmesaas.com/integrate/command

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to assist!

Updated 28 Mar 2022
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