Enable pass-through API

Once you have setup your OAuth Connect button, you will need to push every API call through Pathfix so we can stamp every required token to the API before passing it on to the provider (i.e. pass-through).

You will need to complete the OAuth Authorization with the provider to be able to consume any provider endpoint. Once completed, you can setup the message sending/communication between the 2 apps using the API Call code.

Need documentation for OAuth Authorization setup?  Check it here End-user authorization

API Call Template

Each providers API call is different and would be explained in detail on their own developer documentation. Here is template of how each API call would be setup to go through Pathfix.

  • Select the app you would like to make the API call for, click on Setup and select API Call

Image: API Code
Image: API Code

You can write either client-side or server-side code to send messages to your end user’s application. Copy the code and paste it to your desired code base.



- MarketSaaS_end_user_id  – Change the MarketSaaS_end_user_id with the user ID associated with your app. This is generally the email address or username or any unique ID associated with your user in your app.  - url_to_provider_API – This is different for each application and refers to the Endpoint to the Provider’s Web API. Please note: Each method call for the provider will have its own URL. - method_to_use_with_this_call – Enter a supported HTTP method which is defined by the Provider. These usually are GET, POST, DELETE, PUT - payload_as_requested_by_provider – Most API integrations accept the information as application/json when pushing information. While using an API to pull information from them this section is usually empty. If there is no payload make sure you pass an empty {} When parameters are sent using the GET you can add them to the Endpoint URL as defined by the provider

Sample API Call setup

There are a few sample API calls available for each provider that you can access. Click on Test Connection and select a sample method from the dropdown.

Here is a sample call setup for Slack:

Image: Sample API call setup to Slack
Image: Sample API call setup to Slack

That’s it, you can make calls to any providers API using Pathfix's API passthrough. This will add the functionality that will allow the message sending between your app and the service provider.

Having trouble? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to help you.

Updated 28 Mar 2022
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