Workspace is a shared space where you can invite team members to join you. Your users will only be able to see and work with the applications and integrations within the Workspace they have been invited to.

You can easily switch between Workspaces without creating multiple accounts and without the need to signout-signin between accounts.

Accessing Workspace

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Workspace on the bottom left
  • Switch between your Workspaces

Image: Workspace
Image: Workspace

Please Note

Users are invited to access Workspace by email. Make sure your account email and invited email are the same.

Invite Users

Working with a team on a project? Invite users to access your Workspace and give them access to the Applications and Integrations within a Workspace.

Sending invite

  • Click on Workspace on the bottom left
  • Click Invite Users
  • Add email addresses of your team members
  • Click Save

Your team members will get an email inviting them to your Workspace. Once they accept the invite, make sure they switch to the workspace they have been invited to.

Image: Workspace
Image: Workspace

Note: Only admins/owners of the workspace can invite users.

Access levels

Team members invited to a workspace will have read and edit access to all applications and the integration configurations. There are security measures put in place to make sure users only see integration information, not account level details.

Accessible features

Team members will have access to the following features in the invited workspace:

  • View all applications and integrations configurations in the workspace
  • Edit applications and integrations configurations
  • Delete integrations
  • Add new applications
  • Add new integration providers


Invited team members will not be able to do the following in the shared workspace:

  • View or change Subscription details
  • Account level information for the shared workspace

These are controlled by the Workspace account owner.

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Updated 01 Apr 2022
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