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With Pathfix, you can establish a connection with any OAuth service provider AND send API requests (payload) between these apps for your users.

Pathfix works as a pass-through API that stamps all your requests with the required tokens and sends your requests to the provider, allowing you to consume ANY API endpoint offered by the provider.

Please note, this is Step 2 of the Adalo integration setup and you need to have completed Step 1 (User Authorization) first before calling any API.

Need documentation for Adalo User Authorization setup?  Check it here Adalo User Authorization

Making an API Call

All your API calls will have to go through the Pathfix API. The API is found in Pathfix under Code for API

  • Select the app you would like to call the API for, click API Call

Image: Get API code
Image: Get API code

  • Check the body Structure for for the API (this will be used in the 'body' section of the API Call in Adalo):
    • All API calls made will need to be a POST to the Pathfix endpoint
    • The body of the call will contain the providers endpoint URL, Method, Payload and Headers

Document image

Adalo API Call Setup

To make the API call to pull data from the provider, you will need to use the Bubble API Connector Plugin.

There are 2 types of API calls:

  1. Get data (use Adalo Collection)
  2. Push data (use Adalo Custom Action)

Get Data

Use this type of call to fetch data from the provider (GET)

  • Create a External Collection in your Adalo app and give it a name

Document image

  • Add the Pathfix URL as the API Base URL
  • In the Auth Setup, click on ADD ITEM and select Query Param, add each of the following parameters:
    • user_id
    • public_key
    • private_key
    • body.url
    • body.method
    • body.headers.x-pinc-response-data-at (this parameter helps clean up the response data. Add this param and enter the input value as rows.0.data)

Document image

  • Click on Next and test the API call
  • Your resulting page would look like this:

Note: Depending on the response, you may see a failed response message from Adalo and a Success response from Pathfix in the response section. Adalo requires the items in the response to mark it as successful. If this happens, go back to the Endpoints step in Adalo and in the Results Key section, add the location name of the response (e.g. items)

Document image

  • Click on Create Collection to save the API call

Push Data

Use this type of call to push data to the provider (POST, PUT, PATCH etc.). Adding an Action in an Adalo app is done by adding a Button first to your app.

  • Add a Button to your app and click on Custom Action

Document image

  • Create the event by adding the Name and Type

Document image

  • Add the API Base URL as the Pathfix URL (always as a POST)
  • Add the following Query Parameters
    • user_id
    • public_key
    • private_key
  • Add the payload in the Body section
  • Click on Run Test Request

Document image

  • On receiving the success response, save the Action
Document image

The Custom Action gets saved for use in your Adalo app. You can choose to keep the button for the action, or you can delete the button and use the Action on any other user section on your app.

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to assist!

Updated 12 Sep 2021
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