Error codes

Your Pathfix Monitor page will capture all the calls made between your app and the service provider. Here is a list of errors that you may see and what each of them mean:

Error Codes




Either the user_id provided is incorrect or the user_id and Pathfix public_key combination is incorrect


When an API call is attempted to the users provider before the user has consented or token has been revoked


When the API is not found at the provider end. Occurs when the Provider returns an error. eg. - When there is error in the API payload - When the Error has been discontinued by the provider - When API attempted is not within the scopes authorized


Error that is raised by the firewall when any of the configured firewall rules for IP or JavaScript Origins do not match. Please check the firewall settings if you have configured this.

This could also be due to an incorrect Private Key added while making the call, check the Instructions section of your application in Pathfix and make sure you have added the Private Key and Public Key to your call.


This represents a handled error and is notified internally to the team. If you believe you should not be getting this error, please email us at support@pathfix.com with your external IP as displayed at whatismyip.com and we will get back with a resolution.

Pathfix will handle all token and payload delivery related errors and guarantees an Annual Uptime Percentage of 99.5%

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to assist!

Updated 27 Jul 2022
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