Pathfix OAuth Connector

Adding too many Plugins to a Bubble app adds additional JavaScript to your final environment. This can cause lags and add clutter to your app.

Since integrations are key to app development, we want to help enable this as elegantly as possible without causing JavaScript pileup. This is where the Pathfix OAuth Connector comes in.

Primary Plugin

Before accessing any of Pathfix's plugins, you will need to install the Pathfix OAuth Connector as the FIRST step. This is the main plugin that will allow you to add the auth Connect button across all your Pathfix plugins as well as integrations configured in your Pathfix account.

The Pathfix OAuth Connector works like a MASTER plugin. Once installed, it handles the Visual Element and renders the Connect button for the providers you choose.

NOTE: Single Sign-on (SSO) Login is a standalone plugin and does not need the Pathfix OAuth Connector plugin.

Video Walkthrough

See how you can add the Pathfix plugin and add oauth integrations to your Bubble.io app.

Activate Plugin

Install the Pathfx OAuth Connector from the Bubble plugin store.

To activate your plugin:

I have a Pathfix account:

  • Copy your Pathfix Public Key and x-partner-key for use in the plugin
  • Navigate to the plugin page and add your Pathfix keys

Image: Plugin Keys
Image: Plugin Keys

I don't have a Pathfix account:

  • After installing the plugin, go to the Design section of Bubble and look for Pathfix Connector under Visual Element

  • Drag and drop the element to any page/section where you want the Connect buttons to appear

Image: Design Element
Image: Design Element
  • Once added, activate the plugin by entering Preview mode in Bubble
  • Copy the x-partner-key for use in any future Pathfix Plugins you may install (this will help identify the account for Whitelabel and data migration)
  • Paste the x-partner-key received in the x-partner-key and x-partner-key -dev section of the Pathfix Connector Design Element plugin

Image: Get partner Key
Image: Get partner Key

Image: Add keys to the plugin
Image: Add keys to the plugin

Select Providers

The Pathfix Connector plugin allows you to choose providers from any of of the provider specific Pathfix plugins you may have installed or providers you have configured in your Pathfix account.

  • One Plugin to show all your installed Pathfix plugins for integrations
    • Reduces JavaScript on your final environment
    • Easy to manage
  • Select the providers you want to show with a simple checkbox
  • Add multiple Pathfix Connector element to different pages
    • Have multiple pages and add the same Pathfix Connector to different pages
    • Choose the provider you want to show

Image: Choose providers
Image: Choose providers

Once you choose a provider, you will see the auth Connect button rendered for it.

Once your user completes the authorization, Pathfix will handle the OAuth process and connect your app.

You can choose to install any of our pre-configured provider plugins and access the Actions for each of them. Or, you can simply use the Bubble API Connector to call any API for the provider.

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com