Quickbooks Integration

Pathfix has 2 Bubble plugins for Quickbooks that covers various APIs. Depending on your use case, pick the plugin thats right for you.

Both the plugins uses the Pathfix OAuth Connector plugin to render the Connect button (UI) and calls the relevant Quickbooks API automatically. No configurations required to get the plugin working. Install the OAuth Connector plugin first before proceesing

Why 2 plugins?

Quickbooks has a large set of APIs that you can access. Adding ALL the APIs to one single plugin may get too cluttered. This way, you can install the plugin only for the APIs/functions that you are looking for.

Setup Pathfix Account

You will need a Pathfix account to be able to use this plugin. Pathfix will manage the entire OAuth process and the plugin offers the relevant APIs for you to access.

To setup your Quickbooks/Intuit developer app, follow this documentation Integrating with Quickbooks

  • Login to your Pathfix account and select your application (or create a new application)
  • Select Quickbooks from the list of providers to integrate with. You can change the Display Name and Description.
  • Enter the Development keys received from Quickbooks Dev account and hit Save

Image: Configure
Image: Configure

  • Click on Keys from the left nav bar and copy your x-partner-key for use in the plugin


Click on the plugin to view setup documentation: