Whitelabel Your Connectors

Each Pathfix plugin works with a Pathfix ClientID and ClientSecret for each provider. This means that when your user goes through the OAuth process to grant access, they will see the request by Pathfix.

You can use your own ClientID and ClientSecret in the plugin and whitelabel the connectors.

IMPORTANT: You will need to be on a Subscription plan to enable whitelabel capabilities with higher limits and unlimited providers.


Create or login to your Pathfix account and go through the following setup process (Note: This process will allow you to use the plugin and will migrate your existing plugin data without any changes to your configuration).

Get Your Pathfix Keys

  • Log into Pathfix and add an application (or select an existing application)
  • Select the provider from the list of providers (OAuth or Identity)
  • Add your ClientID and ClientSecret and hit Save
Image: Save ClientID and ClientSecret
Image: Save ClientID and ClientSecret
  • Once you have added all the providers you wish to include, navigate to the Keys section
  • Copy your Pathfix Public Key and x-partner-key for use in your Bubble plugin

Image: Keys
Image: Keys

  • In your Bubble Editor, navigate to Plugins and select the Pathfix plugin you want to whitelabel

SSO Plugin

  • If you are using the Pathfix SSO Plugin, add the Pathfix Public Key in the public key section of the plugin page

Image: Whitelabel SSO plugin
Image: Whitelabel SSO plugin

All Other Plugins

  • Enter the Pathfix Public Key in the Public Key and Public Key -dev sections (both)
  • For the x-partner-key section, add your Pathfix x-partner-key

Image: Whitelabel plugin
Image: Whitelabel plugin

This will whitelabel your existing plugin. Your users will now see your app name requesting for access.

No changes are required to your configuration or workflows, the data migration will be handled automatically.

Updated 19 Aug 2021
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