Pathfix OAuth platform is a 100% managed auth solution for your user-facing integration needs. A no-code developer tool, it allows you complete control and transparency to what you offer to your users.

Setting up an integration is done in less than 5 minutes in 2 steps:

Step 1: End-user authorization: This step enabled the auth connect button on your SaaS and handles the authentication between apps and maintains the connection for you (i.e. the OAuth process).

Step 2: Enable pass-through API: Once the auth is completed by your user, you can call any providers API endpoints through Pathfix. Pull or Push data into your users preferred provider using Pathfix as a bridge that manages the communication (with all the relevant token stamping done).

You remain in control of the features you offer your users, Pathfix handles the Authorization and stamps the right tokens against all your API Requests for you.

Looking for setup help? Reach out to us for help at any time at support@pathfix.com.

Updated 28 Mar 2022
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