Getting started with Pathfix

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Welcome to the Pathfix documentation site, where you can find help on using Pathfix for your SaaS integration needs.

We have built a set of hosted integration solutions that help you solve specific integration challenges. Jump to the specific section of documentation based on your needs:

Managed auth solution for your SaaS Platform. See how you can connect your customers via OAuth and call any API endpoint directly from your SaaS.

Automate all your API integrations, chain multiple APIs or enable webhooks quickly with the visual workflow builder.

Building on a nocode platform? Jump to the NoCode Platform documentation directly:


See how you can setup integration in your Bubble app using Pathfix with detailed documentation on our free plugins setup


Building on Adalo? See how you can enable integrations on your app

Need specific help? You can always reach out to our support team for any additional assistance at support@pathfix.com.

Updated 28 Mar 2022
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