Updated 29 Jul 2020

Integrating with Typeform

Pathfix allows you to easily add end-user OAuth based integration, handling authorization and enable communication between your app and Typeform in just a few minutes.

Before proceeding, you will first need to register your application with Typeform here: https://admin.typeform.com/account#/section/apps

Please note: You will need to create an account with Typeform to access this.

Add your App on Typeform

  • Access the Applications section in Typeform
  • Click on Developer Apps from the left nav bar
  • Click Register a new app and enter your app name, your app website
  • Add the Pathfix generated Redirect URL: https://labs.pathfix.com/integrate/command

Document image
Image: Redirect URI

  • Copy the Client secret generated and close the screen

Document image
Image: Client Secret

  • On the Apps page, click Edit app

Document image
Image: Typeform Edit App

  • Copy the Client ID generated

Document image
Image: Typeform Client ID

  • Scroll down to the Token expiration period section
  • Choose Unlimited

Document image
Image: Token Expiry

You will now need to come to your Pathfix account to add the integration with the Client ID and Client Secret received from Typeform.

Setup in Pathfix

  • Login to your Pathfix account and click on Add Application
  • Add the name of your SaaS and hit Save
  • Select Typeform from the list of providers to integrate with. You can change the Display Name and Description.
  • Enter the Client ID and Client Secret received from Typeform and hit Save

Document image
Image: Configure

Add Integration To Your SaaS

There are 2 steps to adding the integration to your SaaS

  1. End-user authorization
  2. Enable pass-through API

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to assist!