Integrating with Typeform

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Pathfix allows you to easily add end-user OAuth based integration, handling authorization and enable communication between your app and Typeform in just a few minutes.

Before proceeding, you will first need to register your application with Typeform here:

Please note: You will need to create an account with Typeform to access this.

Add your App on Typeform

  • Access the Applications section in Typeform
  • Click on Developer Apps from the left nav bar
  • Click Register a new app and enter your app name, your app website
  • Add the Pathfix generated Redirect URL:

Document image
Image: Redirect URI

  • Copy the Client secret generated and close the screen

Document image
Image: Client Secret

  • On the Apps page, click Edit app

Document image
Image: Typeform Edit App

  • Copy the Client ID generated

Document image
Image: Typeform Client ID

  • Scroll down to the Token expiration period section
  • Choose Unlimited

Document image
Image: Token Expiry

You will now need to come to your Pathfix account to add the integration with the Client ID and Client Secret received from Typeform.

Setup in Pathfix

Login to your Pathfix account and click on Add Application

Document image
Image: Pathfix Application

Add the name of your SaaS and hit Save

Document image
Image: Add Application

  • Select Typeform from the list of providers to integrate with. You can change the Display Name and Description.
  • Enter the Client ID and Client Secret received from Typeform and hit Save

Document image
Image: Configure

Click on Instructions to add the integrations to your SaaS

Document image
Image: Typeform Integration

Add Integration To Your SaaS

There are 2 steps to adding the integration to your SaaS

  1. Doc imageEnd-user authorization
  2. Doc imageEnable communication

Need help? Reach out to us at and we would be happy to assist!