IP firewall

Pathfix has been built with security first, we understand that integrations are key to building any successful SaaS. Because of the significance this holds, we go above and beyond to implement and execute stringent security tools and processes.

Setting IP Firewall

IP firewall settings are configured for each application you have created within your Pathfix account. This means, you can set different IP firewall settings for each application.

To get started:

  • Select the application and click on the Firewall
  • Under IP Validation, click on Add Allowed IP

Image: Firewall
Image: Firewall

  • Add a rule name for ease of reference and enter the permitted IP address

Document image

Once saved, only requests received from the list of permitted IP’s will be allowed.

Pathfix will execute the IP firewall rules and apply it to all integrations within the application. If an IP address that isn’t in any of the IP firewall rules requests a connection, the connection request will be denied.

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