JavaScript Origins firewall

As a core part of our security measures, Pathfix allows you to set authorized JavaScript origins of the applications/domains that use JavaScript to make authorized OAuth requests.

The origins identify the domains from which your users send requests.

To set the origins:

  • Click on Applications, locate the application you would like to set the JavaScript Origin firewall for and click on the Firewall
  • Under JavaScript Origins, click on Add JavaScript Origin

Image: Javascript
Image: Javascript

  • Enter the permitted JavaScript domain and name it for ease of reference

Image: JSOrigins setup
Image: JSOrigins setup

Once saved, Pathfix will only permit requests originating from the domains listed. The JavaScript origins rules will apply to all integrations in the Pathfix application selected. If the origin domain sending request is not in the firewall rules, the connection request will be denied.

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com and we would be happy to assist!

Updated 29 Jul 2020
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