Microsoft Calendar Integration

The Pathfix Microsoft Calendar plugin enables integration from your Bubble app to your user's Microsoft Calendar account. The plugin will render the Connect button (UI) and calls the relevant APIs without you spending time on the API setup. No configurations required to get the plugin working

This documentation will show setup guide.

Note: You will need a Microsoft Azure account set up with an app created to access Microsoft Calendar

Setup Pathfix Account

You will need a Pathfix account to be able to use this plugin. Pathfix will manage the entire OAuth process and the plugin offers the relevant APIs for you to access.

  • Login to your Pathfix account and select your application (or create a new application)
  • Select Microsoft Calendar (BLUE icon) from the list of providers to integrate with. You can change the Display Name and Description.
  • Enter the Client ID and Client Secret received from your Microsoft Azure account and hit Save

Image: MS Calendar
Image: MS Calendar

  • Click on Keys from the left nav bar and copy your Pathfix Public Key and x-partner-key for use in the plugin

Setup Bubble.io Plugin

The plugin is available in the Bubble Plugin store.

(Important Note: You need to install the Pathfix OAuth Connector first before installing this plugin)

Image: plugin page
Image: plugin page

  • On your Design page, select the Pathfix Connector element and select All Providers configured in my Pathfix Account

Image: Select all providers
Image: Select all providers

  • Go to Preview to check the Connect UI Button for the Microsoft Calendar integration

Once installed, there are no additional configurations required to get the Plugin to work. You can setup your workflow in Bubble and start using the actions.

The Connect button will automatically be added to your page that contains the Pathfix Connector element. No additional settings are required

You can add Dropdown, text etc. elements to pull in Microsoft Calendar data for your users using the plugin and setup Workflows to Microsoft Calendar actions.

Actions & Data Calls Available

The Connector plugin calls a few APIs and offers them as Actions in your Bubble Workflow once installed. These are:

Image: Actions
Image: Actions

Need help? Reach out to us at support@pathfix.com

Updated 13 Oct 2021
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